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Re: Interesting information regarding LATCH

Originally Posted by craigwick View Post
Depends on the vehicle...if the seatbelts don't lock into place on their own you need one (DH drives an ancient car so we use them in it, and the back row of our newer van, the seatbelts just don't lock the way they should so I use it there too.)
Yes, there is the occasional car that requires a locking clip, which is why I said that seatbelt installations *usually* do not require locking clips.

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
My britax has a built in lock off, but with the radian I had to figure out to use the locking clip. Wouldn't all seats that don't have a built in lock off require the locking clip? I know it also depends on the type of seat belt. My car has a self locking seat belt in the center, but not on the sides.
Unless your car is quite old (I think older than model year 1996), or your car was purchased outside the US/Canada, then all the seatbelts are required to lock. Occasionally a locking clip is necessary on a locking seatbelt because locking the belt can cause the seat to tip and become unstable over time. But MOST of the time, a locking seatbelt eliminates the need for a locking clip. Seats with built-in lockoffs offer an alternative to locking the seatbelt.
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