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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 - YESSSSSS! Drove to DH's work, called him and said "come out, I have something really important you have to see..." He came running out to the car and I put the test on his lap. He was like, 0_o "I was at work hun. Couldn't you have waited till I got home?" LOL

#2 - "WOW THAT WAS FAST!... um, what now???" We were trying but expected it to take much longer than it had. And then, about 2 wks before I tested positive, we'd decided to wait a bit longer for a second baby b/c DH's job was supposed to go to full time permanent, but instead, they cancelled his contract. So we wanted to wait. Too late! We caught the egg.

#3 - "Uh oh. .... EEEEK! .... YESSSSS! WAHHOOOOOOO!" I wanted a 3rd, DH did not. We were careful, but not careful enough. No BC failure, just human error - using NFP and traveling through time-zones throws off your Ov dates, btw... in case anyone was curious.

#4 - "What the.... how.... wait.... I don't.... um....oh no...." We were debating a 4th baby, being careful... I still cannot figure out when this baby was conceived based on my dates. Either this baby is a total fluke, conceived from DTD 7/8 DAYS before ov. OR our typical method, that we'd used for 4 yrs FAILED. Not sure. I got a BFP at 5 DPO. Which only throws it off even worse. I took the test b/c my Ov date wasn't clear based on my temps, and I was all sorts of confused. Plus I love to pee on things. lol
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