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Re: With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

Both of my vbacs were pretty much the same which was odd! The only difference is we now live 11/2 hours from the hospital and my dr! Also the first was little longer labor! The first I had inconsistant contractions all day long not too painful though! towards the evening I started timing more regularly and they were about 5-7 mins apart and starting to get painful! being my first I wanted to stay home as long as I could just b/c I didn't know what to expect when I got to the hospital. I laid in bed about 10:30 pm and my water broke about 10:50 pm after two very painful contractions so I went to the hospital around 11:30 and was about 3-4 cm. Another dr. was on call during the night but I thought maybe if I could hold off til morning i'd get my dr. sure enough my dr. came in at 7 am I was 6cm when I found out he was there then it took about 1hr and I was 10cm I had my ds at 8:13 am the next morning! my second one was about the same all week I was having inconsistant contractions so I thought this is it! But nope false labor my dh didn't believe me when it was the real deal and I expected them to stop through the night! Anyways after dinner I started having painful contractions about 5-7 mins apart pretty consistant then I went to bed about 10:30 but stayed awake timing them I timed one and dosed off then I had another one and pop!!! water broke again at 10:50 I couldn't believe it was the same time. instantly I started shaking and was nervous b/c we had a 11/2 hr drive ahead of us! I contracted the whole way not knowing how dilated I am. I was 1-2 at my dr. appoint. that week! We got there in 1 hr I didn't care if my dh was speeding I didn't want to have the baby in the car since it was pretty cold out too! Not sure what time it was when we got there prob 12:30 am or so they checked me and I was 5cm. I had my ds at 4:06am!
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