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Re: Desk and file reorganization-what to keep?

Taxes for 7 years. (with all supporting documents like W2's, 1099's, and receipts)

Insurance claims (if paid and settled in full) I wouldn't think you would need it more than 3 years after the payout/settlement(typically that is how long accidents/claims count on your insurance record.)

I keep bills for 6 months. But you could purge those monthly after the bill posts as paid. DH writes the "Paid, date,check #" on them and files them as paid. I don't pay the bills so it would be easier if you paid them to purge as you go unless you are disputing something. I might keep it longer if you are on a payment plan or something.

I only keep receipts if I plan to use them for taxes. Otherwise they get stapled to warranty info. I purge that file yearly as warranties expire.

I have files for : need to file, bills paid (keep medical bills for 1 year), medical (separated by individual-medical records/doctor cards in case we need that info/ vaccination records etc), car (with auto insurance (current)and titles), personal (separated by individual with BC, SS cards, school info /diplomas, DH's army stuff, etc), Taxes by year, Bank accounts (this is for all bank statements, retirement, stocks,old check books), Resume (with work history, work training, certificates etc), Warranties & product info, Misc

Some of this stuff like bank statements, old check books, and auto insurance you don't need to keep as you can access that online. I just like having it on paper.
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