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Re: My Flip Daytime insert review with pics

Originally Posted by lovenestNW View Post
Thanks for the pictures!
No problem!

So they have now been washed and dried 7 times and are a little smaller but not much.

The short way is still around 14.5 and the long way is a little over 16 inches.

I folded in half and then used that as a prefold with folding down the back for wings and snappied it on. OH MY GOODNESS TRIM TRIM TRIM. I cannot believe how trim it is. I tried to get a picture to show you guys. So I take it back that you cannot wrap it on baby. I was able to use a snappi and althouhgh it wasn't as easy as using a snappi on a pf or birdseye it did work. Easier than flannel for sure.

Eta: Pics

Folded up as a diaper in the prefold fold:

Under a Flip cover: (sorry this pic is so bad. She is HARD to get pics of)

And under skin tight leggings: Sorry this pic is blurry, these are just phone pics.

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