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Online Schools

After doing my own research for the last five days I am overwhelmed and feel as though I am getting no where I am looking for information, recommendations, and reputations of online schools as well as the degrees actual worth. I just finished my A.A through University of Phoenix and want to start on my Bachelors majoring in business, needless to say I will not be continuing with UofP for that program.

The schools I am considering now include American Military University, Excelsior College, and Troy University. I have been looking into State Universites that offer distance learning classes in business but havent found much. If anyone knows anything about the above mentioned schools (good or bad) or have a degree from there please let me know if you have been succesful or unsuccesful finding a job. If at your job you are a position to hire personnel or know them can you tell me how degrees from these schools are viewed?

Thank you so much for reading
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