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Re: vegan help for omega 3 and b12?

for my omegas, i mix in some milled flax seeds to things. you can use it in soups and such as a thickener. you can put it in a smoothie. you can add some to your PB&J sandwich. you can add it just about anywhere. you can also make a flax "Egg" to use as a replacement when baking (1Tbsp milled flax + 3 Tbsp water). flax is also good at helping eliminate toxins in our body. if you mix some in w/a juice/water, it becomes kinda gelatinous. this gelatinous mix will stick to toxins and help them to exit your body. for the b12, IMO, if you are eating a good amt of veggies/fruits you should be fine on the Bs. If not, then juice. you can get a lot of nutrients at one time via juicing. plus, you can sneak in some kale and spinach and other yummy greens to littles when they don't even notice it. i make green smoothies w/juiced kale and spinach all the time for my super duper picky 5y.o. he thinks they are cool cause they are like the Hulk , and I put enough peach and mango in there that he doesn't even know about the other goodness

also, you can try buying powdered greens. there tons of brands out there, and everyone has one that they say works the best. I use a kid version for my littles and a grown up version for me. your local whole foods/natural foods store should have some. they may even have sample sizes so you can try before you buy a huge can of it. the greens will take care of the Bs & the omegas

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