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Re: Does breech "run in the family"?

Well first of all, breech IS a variation of normal. I understand the stress of that in this day and age though! I have hip issues and my first 2 were born posterior, my 3rd was a c/s for breech. My 4th kept flipping all around between transverse and breech and I was so scared to lose my chance at a VBAC, so I went and found a chiropractor that specifically dealt with those sorts of issues. She had him consistently staying head down within 3 adjustments, it was truly dramatic how much more comfortable *I* felt in my hips/sacrum after being adjusted. My mom saw the same chiro and had the same brother and I were both born posterior. My grandmother had at least once breech and the rest were all posterior. She has hip issues as well.

So yes I think it can run in families, but I think it is almost always treatable with a great chiro. Find one that not only knows the Webster technique, but truly understands the relationship of the sacrum to the round ligaments and the birthing process. Not all do! My chiro has an extremely high success rate of turning babies. Also something to keep in mind is that if you have a baby that has consistently been in an unusual presentation they may need chiro care as well at first.
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