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Re: If you do not live in the US...

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
This, right now I am in America, but I have lived in th uk, and hoping to move down views usually clash w the majority here

While I agree, I think it is a weird assumption, the fact is we should always be aware that our reality is not everyones reality...if both the American and the non-A,merican had some understanding it might not matter where they are from.

I could kiss ya for that, the snarkiness is sometimes unnecessary and I hope we all can see that.

same here
I know my reality isn't everyone else's. I've learned a lot about different perspectives and tolerance on the interwebs (and patients I've taken care of) over the past 10+ years, and I'm generally silent when I disagree with something. But I guess I have my limits. I'm human. I'm sorry I offended earlier. Not sorry for my beliefs, however. Being open minded and generally liberal doesn't mean I have to agree with all perspectives on this board.
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