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Re: August '11 - February chat

Courtney--Avonlea's hair is so long!!!

Britt--it is so awesome when you can see your children be successful. It makes me such a proud momma!!!

AFM--I got a big girl phone lol. I got an iphone and although it was an expense I have been basically without a phone for the whole time down here. No reception in the house unless I stood a certain way and the stars wre all alligned. Dh got one from work and decided he wanted me to have one. We do not have a house phone bc I really do not think it is needed so we decided to get a good phone and I got straight talk so we will only have 1 cell phone bill and easy payments WOO HOO!!!!

Other than that, still getting over this nasty cold but feel a hundred times better and it is a beautiful day out. I was actually productive--ran some errands and cleaned the house. It is crazy how the laundry piles up when you are sick plus I have alot of prepping diapers going on here.

The boys are outside playing with the dogs. I usually do not let them play outsied by themselves--yes I am that mom--but I am parked in front of the windows in the kitchen and they are having a blast!
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