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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

I just want to chime in that sometimes they DO come out for messy hair and clothes. Our school last year called on me because they felt that the kids shouldn't be coming to school in unironed clothes, and DD1 always pulled her hair out of her clips and ponytails and they found it to be untidy. The school themselves told me they called after I confronted them because the allegations of them going to school untidy basically told me they called. They also called another time last year claiming they were not sent with lunches on a regular basis...when my kids get free lunch and always order from the school. Both times CPS had to come out and do a safety check, both times they found nothing wrong and closed the case. I was told that each of the kids HAD to have a bed, all smoke detectors must be functional and there must be food in the house. They did look at the laundry area as well and check for running water.
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