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Re: Shy kids

Her eyes and hearing have been checked. Its a state requirement along with a "physical" before starting kindergarten. She will be required to do it again before going into 1st grade since their eyes are suppose to change a lot in between 4 and 6. Her physical stuff is from a dairy intolerance that wasn't diagnosed until 1 even though it was a problem starting at 3 weeks old. She did not meet her milestones because she was in pain and malnourished because she had a dairy intolerance- she did not sit unsupported, crawl or do anything she was suppose to physically by one. Once she was switched off dairy to soy at 1 a lot of things changed. All of her physical issues are still because of that. Because of the malnourishment in the first year she is likely to be borderline with gross motor for the rest of her life. her physical therapist straight out told us that she is not likely to ever play sports competitively. Which has been made obvious every time we sign her up for a sports class at the Y- except swimming. She does well with swimming but she will always have low muscle tone and loose joints (hereditary and not related to the dairy) which will set her up for injuries.

We always try to sign her up for something that will be difficult for her one term then follow it with a term of swimming. Hoping to challenge her but still keep her confidence up. But she doesn't really like swim classes. She is good at it but she doesn't enjoy it.
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