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Re: Medicaid and OOPS! I didn't make it to the hospital birth..

They pay for your prenatal care when the doctor bills them, so as long as they're billing monthly, you're good to go. There are many moms out here who didn't make it to the hospital in time and still were covered by state insurance. I had CO medicaid when I gave birth last time, I denied pretty much everything. They can't deny you as labor is considered an emergent situation, so the hospital will have to take you in. You can tell them that you thought you had plenty of time, and all of a sudden needed to push. It happens a lot.

ETA: As long as any appointment you make after birth is needed for your health (6 wk pp visit, birth control visit, etc), they will cover it as well.

ETA again lol: I only did the PKU test with my last son, no vit k, no hep b shot, nothing.
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