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Re: August 2013~ weekly chat ~ 2/4-10

Okay I have a question for the people that are like me and live far from family or where they grew up.

Tonight I was talking to my grandmother, and I mentioned to her that I talk to my ex-step father's family on Facebook (this sounds strange but honestly it isn't. Ex-step dad is really Dad #2 for me and I will ALWAYS see him like a second father for me. And honestly his family likes me better then Dad #2's daughter... but that isn't saying much). Anyway, my grandmother commented on when she went down to see them (they are in Louisiana) when my mom was still married to dad #2 that they all welcomed her in with open arms and like she was always part of the family.

I told her that it was the same way when I went to Wisconsin to see my DH's extended family. DH has never lived more then a few weeks in Wisconsin (his parents met and married there but never lived there with him because his father was in the Army when he was born). Anyway when I went out there, I was there for 2 hours (if that) when one of them went up to me gave me a HUGE hug and said "welcome home!"

So I am wondering if anyone else thinks it is cool that they not only have one place to call home, but several (in my case)? I mean I know that I could go to WI or LA or WA or OR or FL and have a home RIGHT NOW if I needed it.
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