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Originally Posted by Mommy2JandS View Post
Way back when I was student teaching I had a child like that. He was elementary age and a bit of a mystery. He also was able to pass even a standard hearing test, however functionally he was deaf. He was learning sign language and placed in a class for deaf kids. I am trying to remember what it was called. No, this does not happen often, but it does happen. I would still encourage your nephew's parents to learn a visual form of communication in addition to using speech with him. If he is functionally deaf, he is going to need to learn language visually for the time being or he will end up falling far behind his peers. If I can remember what this is called I will come back to this post.

ETA: Just so you know that I'm not just a random person.. I have an M.S. in Education of the Deaf/Hard of hearing and taught 3 years in a class for deaf and hard of hearing kids before I had my kids.
Probably Auditory Neuropathy? I would keep a very close eye on it. My DD had contradictory test results but very little functional hearing
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