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Re: School Fundraiser - did I get ripped off?

Thank you for the support! I feel awful complaining since I want to support the school and it really is a small amount, but the whole thing is really irritated, especially being blown off by the mom.

I called the school and the lady was really helpful and sounded understanding. She listed off 2 boys names and asked if it was them (I have no idea) which leads me to believe some of their orders had troubles. She's going to follow up and see if she can pinpoint our order since they have some of the vouchers are still there. Such a simple painless thing, you'd think the mom running the fundraiser would be responsible enough to handle it.

So hopefully they'll track down our voucher and restore my faith in my DDs potential elementary school. I will be very clear in expressing my displeasure in the mom's handling of the situation either way. Thank you for the ideas... I wasn't sure what to do. Someone else suggested filing a police report, but that seems a little overkill.
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