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7,8,or 9 passenger van?

We found out today that we are expecting twins, so now we are trying to figure out what van to get. We are the kind of family that likes to buy out right and keep it well pretty much forever. We will be a family of 6, but I'm not 100% sure this will be my last pregnancy. If we get a 7 or 8 passenger we will go with a minivan which I like because of fuel economy. I am worried about cargo room and room to go with the minivan though. (We normally take cross country road trips each summer.) With a 9 passenger we would have room to grow and be able to have other people in the car ( carpool for the older kids school). The fuel economy scares me and for what I'm finding online we would more than likely have to get a loan in order to get the 9 passenger. Any suggestions or advice?
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