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Re: How to get ink out of clothing??

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
acetone (just in normal nail polish remover) works awesome. put some on a cloth (or a make up pad works great), turn the garment inside out, put a cloth (or, again, make up pad - but something you don't mind getting the ink on) on the right side of the garment, then dab/press on the wrong side of the ink stain. It'll transfer onto the other cloth
Acetone is bad for synthetic fibers. It can "melt" them.

Rubbing alcohol works on all fabrics. Blot, blot, blot, blot, blot till it is gone. (Rubbing alcohol might remove the color from silk and cause a weird light spot. It's the only fabric I ever had a problem with. I just soaked the whole thing in alcohol and it equalized to a all over lighter color. )
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