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Re: Anyone else have a bigger family but a small house?

I think a lot of the ruling on how many people you can have according to your lease, septic, or town laws. I remember in Mass we found it impossible to find a small apartment for myself my then boyfriend, our daughter, and our room mates. We were looking for a small two bedroom since she shared a room with us and they shared an apartment, but no one would rent to us. We were informed that our daughter would legally need to have her own room when she was 2. That meant they wouldn't lease to us because she'd turn 2 about 2 months before our lease would be up.

That being said, we did have CPS show up to close out a case with us while we were living in a 2br trailer. My daughter (then 8) and her two brothers (4 and 2 at the time) all shared one bedroom and I was pregnant. CPS told us it "wasn't ideal" but it was fine. We just really needed to consider separating the boys and girls once my daughter was a teen. However, they also informed us that the state law on occupancy said no more than 2 to a bedroom for "safety reasons".

We now have 6 of us in total living in a 800 sq ft trailer. There are three bedrooms, but the kids rooms are so small that they only fit beds and dressers. There's no real room to play. Our dining room is our arts and crafts space. Our living room is the play area. We've got a huge master bathroom and a decent sized master bedroom, so that takes up a lot of space. I almost wish we'd had a smaller, more practical bathroom (though I do love the garden tub) and made the other bedrooms bigger or made the kitchen less like a hallway with a stove, fridge, and cabinets shoved in. The rules of the property state that no trailer (regardless of bedrooms) can house more than 6 people (though one of the managers has 6 kids on the property with her and her husband). In other words, we could have a 1 bedroom or a 3 bedroom and be fine...unless we have another baby, then we have to go. Honestly, I don't care about having all three boys in one room. They kind of like it. If it wasn't for the fact that my daughter's almost a teen and likes her privacy at times, I'd say they could all share a room and I'd be okay with it. I don't care if they all sleep in the same room, just as long as she's got her private space. If we have one more and it's a girl she said sharing would be okay then, but that's because she needs some "boy-free space". Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with it, but my family will absolutely flip when we tell them we still want to have one more because we "live in too small of a house" and "don't make enough money". We've got everything taken care of and the kids are super happy, so why should space or money matter?
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