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What is the least amount of money it would take to really change your life? Even though we don't play the lottery sometimes DH and I talk about how we would spend the money if we had a sudden windfall. That got me thinking about how much it would take to really make a difference. I know that $5,000 or $10,000 would be helpful, very helpful, but I don't think it would majorly change our lives. I was thinking it would probably take around $50,000. That would payoff all our debt, which is mostly student loans and our van, and that would free up around $700 a month in our budget. While it wouldn't be a huge life change it would certainly be enough to make a marked difference.

So what about you?

ETA: $50,000 would not pay off our house. It would take another $170,000 for that but I still feel like if the rest of our debt besides our house was paid off it would make a huge difference in our day to day life.
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