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Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
OP, Northern Arizona University has an online business administration program. The PPs are right, all of the schools you posted are for-profit and a huge waste of money. Go with a brick and mortar school that offers degrees online. Your diploma won't say "online", since the programs are actually credible, and your money will be so much better spent.
I agree completely.

There are lots of public universities that offer online coursework. Many programs are even designed to be done entirely online. In addition there are lots of private non-profit universities that do the same thing. These are fully accredited universities and their degrees will transfer anywhere. You need to find out whether the coursework you take at one of these for profits will be accepted if you ever needed to transfer those credits. These for profit degrees are not as respected generally as traditional university degrees. In a competitive job market, everything else being equal, the person with the traditional university degree has a leg up.
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