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welcome Lucas Vance

Hello all. On Friday my BPP went well, but baby was just acting a little different and had a lower HR, though still good variability. My OB wanted to go ahead and do more observation, where baby did great and showed no problems, but since we were going to probably schedule a c/s later this week, we went ahead and did it Saturday morning. This time the c/s was great, I've recovered well and now we're team blue! It was so fun to hear "It's a boy" and then get to hold him while the doctor finished up everything. He's eating like a champ and just doing great. We came home today and its been so fun to see our 2 year old's excitement over her little brother! Do any of you ladies have any printable log for breastfeeding and diapers? I'm realizing I need a little help keeping track of what happens when.
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