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Re: If you do not live in the US...

Originally Posted by squiddles View Post
I totally get where the OP is coming from... I can think of a recent thread where knowing this info would have hopefully prevented the onslaught of daggers from the rest of the holier than thou moms...

As someone who has traveled the world extensively and very aware of cultural differences... The differences between cultures around the world are INCREDIBLY more intense than the those between States, political parties, parenting practices in USA etc... so it's not the same...

However, I'm not sure it's fair to ask those outside of the USA to identify that about themselves... common knowledge (to me...) says, that when they come here to post something about their life, they would preface it with a disclosure about where they are from... since the majority of DS members are American... but that's "my" common sense... LOL
I so want to know what thread this is.... I smell drama
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