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Re: Getting some space (personal space)

We ran into this a lot while we were staying with my boyfriend's family. My daughter was very upset about not getting enough alone time. I tried getting her brothers to do activities with me to stay out of her hair, but I found that didn't work for us. Instead I found it was much easier to find a small corner where one person could do something quietly. If they needed some time alone all they had to do was tell everyone they're taking some alone time. I would keep the other kids away until whoever it was thought they were ready to mix happily with the rest of the population. This ended up being at the table and it worked out great. Since then I've expressed to my kids frequently that if they want to be alone they can go chill with the art supplies (even if they bring something else to keep them busy) or they can sit and cuddle with me for a while. It's worked out really well. Having two boys in one room (which will be three as soon as the baby's out of our room) it can mean they don't feel like they have much privacy, and I'm sure things will change once we have teens in the house that don't want to be bugged by younger siblings all the time, but we'll get there when we get to the point of having teens. Most of our bad tempers have come from needing some space and a little bit of privacy, so this has been fantastic.
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