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When considering a school, find the answer to two questions:

1) Is it non-profit? If it is for-profit, run away.

2) Is it regionally accredited? Do not consider a school that is NOT regionally accredited. All schools will say they are fully accredited/nationally accredited/etc, but are not REGIONALLY accredited, and that's the only one that matters. If it is not regionally accredited, you are wasting your money, IMO. It means that your credits would not transfer to reputable schools and that employers would likely look down on your degree. Here is a list of the regional accrediting bodies. For a school located in Arizona, you would need to look for accreditaton by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Here is a list of the schools in AZ that are regionally accredited:,Search/ Of course, if you're doing distance ed, you may also be considering schools based out of other states.
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