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Re: Would you give up?

Thought I would update. X-man has been placed with another family today. Single mom with a six year old girl. It was hard for him but he didn't get overly emotional just started acting wild. This is how he deals with stress. All possible efforts were made to ease the transition but in the end he did pretty well I would say. I know that is can't be easy for the little guy tonight! It has been a little emotional for me but overall I know it is best. I think DH is taking it the hardest.

This past weekend DH had to do the majority of care for all the kids. I have strep throat as do the two LO's. We are pretty miserable. With X-mans behavior this weekend DH was ready to leave him on the agencies door step. Today DH cried when I left to take X-man. (not in front of X-man) DH is a big softy though.

While I was there waiting for the new foster mom to show up the head of agency came down to tell me that she may have a medically fragile infant girl for me. They are waiting to hear more from another agency. I think we will say no if they call. I need some peace before we take on anymore again. I am tired and overwhelmed with school stuffy that is so far behind I don't know how I am going to catch up. I was glad to know we are still being looked at for placements though.
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