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Re: Which convertible to get for a newborn thru...

Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
So, it would seem that what is currently available is good for infant and FF facing toddlers but won't necessarily work for the longer duration. Hmmm... wondering if I should just get the bucket seat then that is designed to hold up to a 2 yr old. And then buy a FF 5 pt harness booster that can convert to a seat belt booster... Any opinions?
Ideally we like to see kids rear facing to age 3-4, since it is safer and there are so many seats on the market now that can accommodate larger rear facing children. In addition, though there are huge infant seats on the market now, in reality not many 2 year olds are going to be comfortable in an infant seat, even if it is big. So the most economical option is really to get a convertible that will last to age 5-6 and then go straight to a highback booster. Total expenditure (for both seats) can easily be kept to well under $300, whereas a huge infant seat and then a forward facing harness-to- booster is likely to be a MINIMUM of $300, more if you get the quality of harness-to-booster seat that you would be getting with a $300 covertible/booster scenario.

That totally makes sense about why you don't really have seats to pass down... accidents and expirations have a way of helping a seat collection to start over!
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