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Re: Tell me how you told *less than thrilled* parents

My MIL has made some sny comments - but she was super excited about this baby (#3) and hasn't said anything negative since. My DH basically told her that we will know we are done when we are done, but we know we aren't done yet (and between he and I, we will probably be "done" at some point and then 5-10 years later have another)

She has said that other people in the family/church have been asking if we will be done after this, and she has been telling them she doesn't think we will be... So I think she is finally getting the clue. If this is another boy I think that #4 will go over better than if it is a girl (you got your girl, do you need any more?) but we already have 3 more boy names and 2 more girl names planned out, and it would just be a darn shame to not use them! Who cares if we have a 2 bedroom house? It's called BUNK-BEDS. :thumbnail:

ETA: I completely dispel the "kids are expensive" thing when people bring that up. They don't HAVE to be, but in this consumeristic world we live in, people MAKE them expensive. It's called hand-me-downs, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, growing your own food, and getting this thing called a J-O-B when you get to be a teenager so you can pay your way through college. Really the only thing that worries me financially is the potential for orthodontist bills. But, we follow WAPF principles so hopefully that will be minimal!

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