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Re: What is considered a larger family!?

I don't think 4 is all that large (says the mom of 4 and a step-kid she hasn't met yet). In my thought in order to be a large family it should be bigger than the average number the other families my kids spend time with have. I would say half of my friends from the last area we lived in had 4-6 kids, the other half almost all had 2. Therefor large would be, I don't know, maybe 8? That would be enough larger than the median to seem large.

Of course, back home in Mass I have a friend with two girls and is having twins. Of course, her large family is understandable because she didn't have a boy, and I think she recently announced she was having two boys. Since it's twins everyone seems to assume she never planned to have 4. It'll be interesting to see if she has any more! Yet most of my friends back there are just starting to have their first in their 30s. I can't help but think that's got something to do with the perspective too. I know a lot of women who would be put into high risk having babies because of their age so they deliberately choose to have small families. I got pregnant the first time at 21, so I've had a lot more time to grow my family without having to worry about age related health risks as much. In my family there are a lot of health problems after 35, so we're thinking of calling it quits in 3 years, but a lot can happen in that time! My friends? Many of them just think it's too risky.

I think as society starts to think about overpopulation, the perfect nuclear family, and the health risks associated with many families with women starting their families so late in life. It's different when you're starting earlier, but the later in life, the more challenges you're likely to face, or so the medical industry tells us. I'm not sure I always feel they're the most accurate source. Also, if you're a professional career woman taking time off of work, it's hard enough to take time off for one kid. When you start talking about a large family, it's just impractical to try and find the time for it and two parents working high-power careers. I guess I can see where people would find a family more than one, two, or MAYBE three being "large".
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