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Re: how your thinking changes by the fourth kid....true, yes?

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
hahaha my first we stayed home until she was 2 months old(preemie) with my 4th we stopped by chickfila to let the kids play on the way home from the hospital at 22 hours old
That exactly! Okay, not quite. I was hiding in the house for the first two months with my first, but I've never been out of the hospital quick enough to have a 22 hour old baby. However, I did file the military paperwork to get my baby into DFAS's system for his military insurance and all that when he was only 26 hours old. Everyone thought I'd lost my mind, especially since it was snowing! He was my second.

The cheerio thing is too funny too! I totally feel the same way. My toddler feeds the baby things like tortillas on the floor. The kids practically make it into a trail for him so he'll follow them to go play! Then there's the running joke about him looking for the couch cheeto. He likes to try and dig in the couch for interesting things. Haven't seen him come up with food yet though. With my first I would have totally freaked over her even trying!
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