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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

You're obviously up on yr formulas and ingredients, do you mind if i pick your brain with one more thing? I checked the links and compared, it's clear that Parent's Choice is very much like the Earth's Best Organic except that it uses corn syrup where EB has glucose syrup. (for some reason though the Parent's Choice, states it's the National Brand Equivalent to Similac Organic). Well, I looked up Similac Organic to compare ingredients...and its first ingredient is organic Nonfat milk
as opposed to the whey ingredients the other two listed. The Similac O. doesn't seem to have whey, which as you explained above, wd go a long way to making it more like breast milk and is imp. However, wouldn't you consider the milk component more important in a formula??
But here's the thing, for the heck of it, I am also looking at the ingredient list of the Similac Advance which we are currently on - and it actually looks like the best of both worlds: nonfat milk first ingredient, as well as the whey, only 1 soy ingredient -soy oil (listed 4th) and of course it has C. Cohini oil and M. alpina to get you the DHA. And now i'm left scratching my head as to what originally alarmed me to the point that i got to researching a diff formula to go onto? Lol! Well, i think it's my concern about GMOs if i had to guess. And, from everything i've been reading these past few days, looks like there's no certified-free-of-GMOs formula out there, even the organic ones. Maybe i should stick with this one since DD seems happy with it. I guess however that at least the organic ones i think, at least the milk portion of it would have to have been free of bovine growth hormones and i'm not sure that's the case for regular old Similac Adv. I think i'll go research that now!

Hope I'm not overloading you, I really appreciate yr input!
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