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#1 - really excited but in disbelief. We had been trying for a while (7 months/8 cycles) and I was shocked to see two lines. I POAS before getting in the shower to get ready for work. I remember looking across the bathroom and thinking "really???" I had seen so many stark white tests that the BFP stunned me a bit. I stopped by DH's work to tell him on my way in :-)

#2 (this one) - we decided to NTNP and it was my first cycle. I had little expectation since it took a while to get pregnant with DS. I had a dream one night that was very vivid. DS was there and I was holding a baby girl. I didn't really know where I was in my cycle but I guessed some where around 9-10 DPO. I couldn't shake the dream and took a test mid-afternoon that next day. I got a very slight positive but I wasn't sure if it was an evap or not. The next day, I re-tested with FMU and the line was darker. I had a digi that was about 4-5 months expired but decided to try it anyway. "Pregnant" :-) I ran in and have the digi to DH since he was sort of dubious of the BFP the day before (it WAS light). There is no arguing with a digi, though! I bought a new digi that day and re-tested the next just to be sure, too :-)

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