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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

We use Baby's Only because it is literally the only formula she tolerates that doesn't have corn. We tried numerous formulas, all the way down to EleCare, an amino acid formula and she had so many issues with them ranging from aggravated reflux, eczema, gas and stomach issues, not sleeping, and with Elecare severe silent reflux that warranted thickening. We couldn't find something that agreed with her for thickening either, but if we didn't she would refuse to eat.

So, at my last effort I saw that Baby's Only uses no corn syrup solids and if there is corn in it, it is so minute it doesn't bother her. We use the Soy version. I'm not a fan of soy in the least, but at least it's non GMO. She has a milk protein intolerance. She couldn't even tolerate the hydrolyzed milk protein in Alimentum Ready to Feed, and that's only 2 percent and corn free.

So yeah, I think Baby's Only is an amazing company and I absolutely love their formula since she is once again eating and no longer needs thickened formula and actually sleeps. On top of that, she is thriving. Avoiding corn is a PITA though, it's in everything. At least we figured out the issue though.

OH, as for constipation, we have not had that issue at all. If anything her poops are back to normal. She was very constipated on EleCare. We had to add a tsp of flax oil in a bottle a day to keep her regular. I still use it though because it helps a lot with a non food related eczema patch on her arm.
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