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Re: Tips on Potty Training a boy?

Don't worry mama, you won't have to get preggers again to get the kid potty trained If you are really done with diapers, I mean DONE DONE, I would recommend reading Oh Crap Potty Training which you can buy at Seriously $15 and two days of reading her book helped me to ditch the diapers without having to give little rewards and really know the steps to getting DS2 (2 yo) potty trained (DS1 was trained without having read the book and now I can see where I made all the mistakes). I started right before Christmas and he's been diaper free since then. I had been PTing on and off when he was 18 months but was preggers with #3 so it was really frustrating. Once #3 came along and I was healed I decided to take the plunge, bought the book, and went for it. And life without toddler sized diapers/poops/pees has been wonderful (as you already know . Anyway, get the book, log onto the OCPT forum and say goodbye to diapers!
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