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Re: Any "real"/traditionally nourished (or paleo) foodies in here?

We try our best buy still have grains in our diet. I don't make breads as often as before, used to be daily. But we east oatmeal every morning and lots of rice. Though our rice is organic brown. Also quinoa along with smoothies everyday. We eat meat maybe 2x a week, deer right now. Nearly everything is scratch, not scratch is organic spaghetti sauce, and pancakes till this month. Going back to scratch on those now. We east day to many nuts, they use up lots of our budget. I just bought 25lbs or organic red beans, they will last the month and were regular prices 37$. I think this is a great deal when you think of how little meat we buy. Though our bacon is costly since dh wants it for breakfast everyday and I refuse to feed him anything but Coleman bacon. Wait, just realized I bought organic tortilla chips. We eat them w. Leftover chili on top every week after our chili night.
Oh and I buy bananas and cuties like they are going out of style, they don't need to be organic and are cheap, so these are also big staples here... plus chia/flax/spinach/bananas/honey/keifer smoothies every morning
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