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Re: What Is the Least Amount of Money It Would Take

after taxes $120,000 ... it would pay off our car (only debt) and be able to live for 4 years so DH could go back to school and get his PhD. (That would be living kinda frugally and using grant $ to pay tuition but us buying books/paying fees)
With $90,000, we*might* be able to pull it off if I got a part-time job.
With $60,000, I would have to work full time. (Or part time for a few years and full time after that)

Of course... I'd also have to talk DH into going back to school! But I think he'd be much happier with a PhD because he would be able to get the jobs he really wants instead of just ones he is "qualified" for. Long term it would mean a huge income boost over his BS degree (Ha Ha... Bachelors of Science... not the other BS.) We talk about it but it doesn't seem like we could realistically pull it off. (And neither of us is willing to go into that much student loan debt & we want another child. DH doesn't want me to work in the first 1 year of life for a baby or while pregnant. )
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