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Originally Posted by USNsis
My FIL will be our full-time manny when I go back to work. He currently lives with us and pays for room/board/food/cable/utilities each month, in addition to having one of our vehicles to drive around (he pays for gas/insurance). This was down from an original amount he offered us. We are not planning to compensate him because he was originally supposed to (his offer) pay twice what he currently pays and because he's getting a good deal for all of the space and services as it is.

If he were living outside of our home, we would compensate him for travel and care, but we largely support him at this time. He wouldn't be able to support himself independently at this time.

As for time, I'm a teacher and work 5 minutes from home, so it will be typical work hours that he's "on." He largely sits at home now, so it's not a super huge lifestyle change for him. My husband's hoping to start working four 10s, so if that happens my FIL won't be working 5 days a week.
We have considered this type of scenario. It would however require all of us to move and into the right place. We've lived together before and it was a disaster. I just wonder if it's really the best option for her. Even if she doesn't have house bills to pay, she wouldn't have money to spend on other things.
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