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Re: Any "real"/traditionally nourished (or paleo) foodies in here?

Originally Posted by Havah View Post
Well, I'm feeling better. Technically we have a family of 5 (though only 4 routinely eat solids) and I'm trying to keep our budget under $600. In the Pacific Northwest (fairly high cost of living, though not as bad as CA), it's no easy feat.

I know someone mentioned to avoid salad dressings and pancake (or other mixes) - I'm already there. When I said "scratch", I meant scratch. I even make my own stock (I buy whole chickens and stretch them three meals plus generate 2 quarts of stock from each carcass).
We also bought 1/4 free-range beef (split a side with my parents), so that's done. I'm lucky - my mom supplies 50-75% of my eggs for free with her hens. And we do a lot of vegetarian (generally we do only 4-5 meat-inclusive meals a week).

Largely it's the dairy (particularly yogurt) that's killing us. We really only like ***e. I'm trying to culture my own, but we don't keep the house above 68 degrees and it's not the easiest process (raising the house temp would be counter-productive in the thrifty venue).

I'll have to revisit Azure Standard. I'm currently buying a lot of my "shelf-stable" goods from Amazon and Vitacost; supplemented with Costco and Trader Joe's when it's worthwhile. I want to do a CSA but it's been difficult comparing the overall costs ... ? Not sure what I'd do with a lb of radishes each week (seriously!), either. Thanks for chiming in, everyone!
We have 4 eaters and a budget of $600 too. You're right, in our area that's not easy at all. We do use Azure, and we adore our CSA. It does help with cost and I actually love getting things I wouldn't normally buy, it pushes me to try new things (btw we do a hot salad with radish and green beans with honey and garlic... it's amazing). A good example is kohlrabi... we didn't know what to do with it but we found a recipe for a kohlrabi slaw that is amazing, and made fries from it. Good stuff. We do the scratch thing too and buy everything we can in bulk. I'd say if your coming in at/around that $600 budget you are doing really well for the high COLA and the way you guys eat

P.S. the other thing we do is buy a ton of extra produce in season and freeze/can/dehydrate like crazy to get us through the off season.
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