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Re: Wool, fleece soaker/cover?

Wool is anti-microbial so it doesn't hold onto the odor of urine. The wool wicks moisture away from the diaper and the lanolin keeps it from absorbing back into the diaper. Then the moisture can evaporate and the lanolin changes the composition of the urine so it doesn't hold it's smell. A well-lanolized cover can last several uses (ours go months) before needing to be washed and relanolized. Air out covers between uses and, of course, wash if it gets soiled with poo.

Fleece works best when washed with fabric softener, pretty much the opposite of how you'd want to wash cloth diapers. The fleece wicks moisture away from the diaper and the fabric softener keeps it from going back into the diaper so the moisture can evaporate. Because fleece is synthetic it is not anti microbial like wool and it needs to be washed after each use. Fleece is also subject to compression leaks if a diaper is very wet.

Hope that helps!
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