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Re: Packing Lunches for Daycare

Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
The thought of going in at lunch and nursing her / feeding her lunch really appeals to me. It would mean they'd have one less kid to worry about. My aunt actually runs the centre (not the baby room) so I may be able to try for special treatment. I know as she ages I will totally get over my worrying so much about controlling her food, but at one year old she is still just a little baby in my eyes.
Going in might cause issues not just with the teacher (which it would be a disruption to if you came in every day) but for your lo's adjustment. If your sending her to daycare then send her to daycare.

For the food check with the policy. If they allow outside food then it is enough to say she has a special diet (usually, with your aunt running she knows it is a chosen special diet not required but a special diet all the same). And make sure your ok with her getting treats because more than likely she will get something you didn't send for her.

My dd has food allergies. She was in daycare in between 18 months and 2. She was pulled out because she had a bad reaction at the daycare and her provider refused to keep her epi-pen. The provider swears she did not eat anything but the food I provided. She did not go back to ay kind of care until 4. She has all food provided for her since 1 and she is still given treats occasionally at school. She has her own treats left in the classroom for when the rest of the class has a treat. Even last week her teacher gave her a treat that wasn't ours- it was safe, but it wasn't one we sent. DD has never complained about having different food, but then she knows she could die if she eats other people's food. When I was a preschool teacher we had one child who had her lunch everyday (non-allergic) and she never cared what others were having. More often then not the other kids wanted what she was having. DD's current school (k-8th) does not have a cafeteria at all. Everyone brings there own lunch. I worked at a preschool that was the same for a while (during the time when dd had her reaction). The kids never even looked at what the other kids were having. And if I ask dd what the friends at her table had, she usually can't tell me unless she deems it as something cool. We send cloth napkins and her utensils everyday. You can put a note on her stuff saying it microwave safe or whatever if you want it heated in your containers. If the utensils are packed in her daily lunch they will grab them just because they are closer. Doesn't mean it will happen 100% of the time, but unless you find a daycare that is with you 100% that is not going to happen.
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