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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 - Overjoyed! We tried for 3 years for her and when the test came up positive, I sat in the bathroom and sobbed uncontrollably. It was around 5AM and DH was sleeping in. I went up and was about to tell him, but he saw I was crying. He then said, "What's the matter?! Did the dog die?!" Because apparently the dog dying in the middle of the night is the only reason why someone should cry at 5AM. She was born healthy 9 months later (and the dog is still alive too!)

#2 - TOTAL shock. On Christmas Eve, I went to the store to buy the ingredients so my mom and DD could make cookies for Santa. I picked up a test because it was only like $6 for two and I like to pee on things. I got back to my Mom's house (we were staying there for Christmas), took the test and it immediately popped up positive. Two weeks before, I had my wisdom teeth removed by IV sedation and was unknowingly pregnant! I am excited now (DH was pretty excited since the moment I showed him the test), but it took me a little bit. I had just sold a ton of DD's baby clothes, loaned all my dipes to my brother and SIL, and finally settled on the idea of DD being the only child I'd give birth to. We weren't trying. We had TALKED about maybe starting to try, but it always came back to "do we really want to start over?" and "she is SUCH a handful, what if we get another one just like her?". So, I had pretty much written off the idea. LOL.
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