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I disagree with not going in at lunch. I worked in daycare for yrs and lots of moms did this at lunch time. Just like in elem school I have friends go have lunch with their kids, it's nice! I rem a mom at day care send e every morsel of food and come often to nurse. THe only hassle was she was really strict. She would send raisins and say he could only have 7. She would count them and if he had like 10 she would freak out.

Bringing her food should not be a problem at all. For health reasons you are opposed to her eating crap! I also disagree that it will be an issue as she gets older. Nowadays so many kids have diff restrictions or their vegan or do paleo, etc. one of my friends is a really popular blogger and she does gluten free for her dd and does the coolest bento lunches with shapes and stuff. Her work is even featured in the new trader joes cookbook. She brings healthy snacks for the whole class sometimes (I think her dd is 8. )

I think it will be just fine. Esp if your aunt runs the center. The baby room has no say over the director.

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