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New to Homesteading idea...

We are trying to aquire a mini farm (few acres, possibly chickens, definitely garden)

How does it work for those of you?
what i mean is, how do you fit in all these new activities into your life? I am hoping that it will be OK for us. we aren't involved in a ton of outside activities, but our daily life seems crazy and I can't imagine trying to take care of animals or get food ready to can.

Our plan is to get the kids involved as much as possible. We do a special diet already, though so I am already very busy with school, special diet, baby needs, and DH sometimes volunteers as a minister at our church.

I think it would be great experience for my older boys right now, especially. DS (6) says he wants a donkey!!
When I see mini farms for sale I wonder if families tried to homestead and it was too much work. How much work is it extra for the mom & dad?

I don't mean to be negative but just trying to determine if this is right for our family.
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