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Re: Anyone else had big babies?

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
ds1- 10lb(41 weeks natural hb
ds2- 10lbs 10oz(41 weeks natural hb)
ds3- 9lb 14oz. (39 weeks natural hb)
never had gd just make big babes my first a dd was over 8lbs and my boys were same labors if not easier so big baby doesn't have effect on me just a bigger easier to hold baby lol
agreed! my 8lb 5 oz baby seemed sooo tiny to me, cant imagine how teeny 5 lbers must be!

also, if you think about it, the most painful part is the head, which is usually around the same size give or take...the rest of the body kind of slides out if they are left to do their thing and turn around to come out properly.

with my waterbirth ds rotated after his head was out and then just SLIP! i had my first with an ob and although it was all natural, the ob still yanked and pulled her out so i had never known this happens. pretty cool.
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