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Re: Being forced back to a doctor...

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
If you just had one I would just say as such. They won't force you down and make you have one.

I am pretty shocked that no one in your entire family has had cancer, that's seems pretty unheard of these days!

Eta- they might really want you to test for group B strep, but that's a bit less invasive. I would think a midwife would also test for that though?
They do not test for Group B because I am already forced to be on antibiotics for my replaced heart valve LOTS of antibiotics! We dont have cancer - just heart disease Well, I think my grandma has skin cancer but she just has moles removed for it, she is the reason I do not tan and wear sun screan - we have VERY fair skin and with her red hair laying out in the sun for hours was not smart
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