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Re: Being forced back to a doctor...

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
The midwifes said that even though 'strucutally' my heart was approved for their care the second arrythmias come into play (around 18 weeks...) and I have to be on heart medication they can no longer see me (this happened my last pregnancy so they are going by that)

I told her that is dumb because the OB does not know any more then she does about my heart - I always go straight to my cardios (2 of them) with issues. I do not see what an OB is going to 'catch' as she said since they do not even listen to my heart Even if they did they wouldnt know what they are listing too!

I told the midwife that all they need to do is the normal stuff and then give me antibitiotics during delivery (I can have a natrual vag delivery). Maybe I should call the midwife lead that is telling my midwife that they can not except me... But if a doctor is not going to check me a MILLION times and do 8 ultrasounds like last time then I will be okay with them!
If you really prefer a midwives care; I would exhaust all options in that area first. I can understand that they may see you as higher risk and not want to have a mishap on their watch but if your being seen by a cardiologist then I don't see an issue?! Is there another midwife you could switch to?
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