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Re: New to Homesteading idea...

When it comes to taking care of animals I would suggest taking it slow. Chickens are very low maintenance and they actually produce something (eggs or meat). Chickens basically need feed, water, and a safe place to sleep. When I was a kid it was my job to let them out of the coop and feed and water them before school. The chickens just ran around loose during the day. They were smart enough not to get hit on the road. After getting home from school the eggs were collected. At dusk I checked to make sure they were alone in the coop (no raccoons or opossums) and closed the door. Chickens instinctively know to go back to the coop to roost before it gets dark. There is tons of backyard chicken info on the web.

Donkeys (or horses) are another matter. They require a lot more care. Daily stall cleaning, vet care, farriers, brushing, personal attention, etc. Plus they don't really give anything back besides the enjoyment of interacting with them. And they are Expensive. That being said I had a few miniature horses and I really enjoyed them.

I don't have any gardening advise as I am a plant murderer.

Growing up in the country with animals was absolutely wonderful. With animals you get a perspective of life and death and also a notion of where food actually comes from. If I can manage to buy a mini farm some day I would do it in a second. My siblings and I played together since going to town all the time just wasn't possible. I believe we are much closer because of it.

Don't count on the farm to sustain yourselves, but to supplement what you buy at the grocery store.
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