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Re: Chipped teeth

Sorry, Mama, I wasn't trying to scare you. Your DD's may be fine, it probably just depends on how bad they are chipped/how bad the cavity in the one is. The dentist referred me to a pediatric dentist, she said it was chipped bad enough that they would likely put her under and surgically remove it, but I won't know for sure until we go. She also said that her nighttime teeth grinding is probably what made it so bad, but that teeth grinding was actually not uncommon at her age. She grinds hers loud enough that it wakes me up occasionally. =( But my DS used to grind his teeth nightly too and now very rarely does. If your LO is not a teeth grinder, it may be fine as well. Honestly, I don't want her to be put under but it would probably be a lot less traumatic that way. It was awful with my DS being awake. I will be thinking of you and your kiddo!
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