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Re: Grandparents watching kids?

My parents watch my daughter while DH and I work. I am on mat leave until August and Dd1 will be in Jk come Sept. They will likely watch our new babe, and DD1 before/after school. They are on a fixed income (step dad is on disability) so neither of them work. We do not pay them, because a) they likely wouldn't claim it as income and we would not get to claim those costs. And b) they will not take money from us for child care. We do help out with gas money, vehicle repairs..we pay cost for parts as DH is a mechanic. Weaalso paid half for their truck. I buy them lots of groceries and help in any other way I can (altering clothes...pickingbtjings up for the house etc.). If anything ever happens to my step sad (he us in verge poor health, we will likely put an in-law suite in for my Mom and support her while she cares for our kids.
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