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Re: using coupons

My area is not very coupon friendly Where my mom is they will double or triple coupon value and then you can get some great deals but for me-nada. So I mostly use CVS for all household products. My most recent trip I got 2 blocks of coffee, 4 crest toothpaste and renu contact solution. Paid 9.00 in cvs ecb, 8.00 in coupons my subtotal was .35, tax was .92 for a total of 1.27. Plus I made back my 9 in ecb. Things that are on a great sale at CVS this week

Clearance crest toothpaste with a UPC of 37000 38583. Mine were .84 each. buy 2 get 2.00 ecb. A moneymaker even without coupons. Limit 2 trasactions ( so 4 toothpastes total)

Clearance Mach 3 razor refills 8ct. Mine were 7.12 each. Plus there is a coupon for 10.00 off Gillette razor when you buy refill cartridges. So I also bought a fusion razor for 10.99 . I also got 4ECB for buying that razor.

M & M bagged candies. They are 4/$12 this week and get 4ECB back. Also the red machine scanner is giving off 1.00 each coupons every day. So the deal is use 4.00 of scanner coupons, I have a 1.50/2 coupon and 1.00/2 coupon and 4ecb for a total of 1.50 for 4 bags of candies ( we like to make cookies often so this is a good price for that).

Scott toilet paper/paper towels is good with the cash card. there are 1.25 coupons to print and there are ( were?) cvs coupons to stack with them.
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